When did defense attorneys become hesitant to present the evidence in a case?

A Surry County, N. C. case involving evidence of co-operation between a Surry County detective and a SBI special agent to change probable cause, identified in the search warrant, four months later to a control purchase, prompts two attorneys to voluntary withdraw from this case. 

This Surry County case merits statewide attention, in the midst of a SBI scandal that prompted the removal of the agency’s long time Director, Robin Pendergraft. It’s cases like this that have brought embarrassment to the N. C. Attorney General’s Office!  

Facts, made known via letters to the elected Surry County District Attorney, the many defense attorneys, two Special Agents in Charge of the SBI’s Northwestern field office, and the Assistant SBI Director, Erik Hooks, I thought would respond to my complaint, regarding an agent, was instead, IGNORED! 

These same facts were made known, via letter in a notebook of substantiating documents to the Chairman of the Surry County Board of Commissioners. He has not responded, but did acknowledge receipt, offering his intention to send the information to the Winston-Salem Journal. Paul Johnson, who ran for a state office in the last primary, but lost, shouldn’t conceal what he’s been made knowledgeable of about the county’s sheriff, Graham Atkinson, whose continued concealment of evidence will only be seen as an action to protect an officer, employed in his administration. 

So, what’s next? Wait for more people to be pulled into a scheme to protect police error? Will the AG’s office take notice of this case, or will they ignore the facts too? When will the media take interest in an ongoing miscarriage of justice. 

The evidence is there! The story is there! An investigation is warranted into this case, State of N. C. vs. Dale Swartz!  

The next step in this case is to contact the AG’s office and keep knocking on media doors until an investigative reporter takes me seriously or reads the story as I tell it online.

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